We Are Building a Role Playing Platform on the Cosmos Ecosystem

Our First Game Launches to the Public on January 7th

We are Validators primarily for the Cosmos Ecosystem to learn more about the chains we validate for click below

We are located in an underground data center which is inaccessible from the outside and has triple redundant internet connections, backup power and is monitored 24/7.  We offer full slash protection.

We are building an only role playing platform integrated with an NFT auction house.  We have hired a digital artist and full time professional dungeon master and should launch by the end of 2023

Crypto Dungeon is a crypto gaming company that is funded from commissions from validating crypto blockchains.

Cosmos is known as the internet of blockchains and uses a technology known as IBC or inter blockchain communication to connect blockchains together in a way that is fast and secure.

staking your crypto means that you are using your crypto to secure a blockchain which earns a staker a return on investment in the form of addition crypto in exchange for locking up their token for a period of time

stakers that choose to delegate their crypto to crypto dungeon earn different apr based on which blockchain they are staking.  In addition stakers who play our game earn Dungeon coins which give holders voting rights in our DAO as well as profit sharing.  The more you play the more you can earn